Global Warming or Pollution?

We have all heard the debate - is global warming real or not, man-made or natural. Average temperatures keep setting global records and the ice caps are melting. Yet, the Vikings once thrived in balmy Greenland and volcanic eruptions and fires can put man-made emissions in the rear-view mirror. An endless debate. 


Rather, shouldn’t we instead focus our efforts, money, and energy on reducing pollution? Clean water, air, soil, and land are necessary for us to thrive and survive on our planet. Efforts to correct polluted areas can and have been successful.


At 12 for Health, we are strong advocates for partaking in physical activity, strength and balance in nature and finding ways to quiet your mind and connect spiritually among the majesty of our forests, lakes, rivers, and mountains. To do this, it is optimal to play, work, and live in an environment of clean soil, land, water, and air.


Recent studies have shown more concern than ever as to the premature death that occurs from pollution. Outdoor air pollution is a factor in accelerating deaths from chronic obstructive lung disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer. Polluted water and air increase the risk of communicable disease especially to those most vulnerable, the young and the elderly. Women suffer the most from indoor air pollution. 


A new study from Lancet found that there were 9 million premature deaths worldwide from pollution in 2015. This equals 16% of all deaths - more than from wars, homicides, AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis! Most of the deaths are from low to middle income countries and the greatest numbers are from India and China. Air pollution, contaminated water, unhygienic sanitation, and work place contaminates contribute to much of the problem. Even in the United States, the estimates were over 150,000 deaths in one year from pollution.


It may be time to abandon the debate on global warming and from a very real health issue, take up the banner to fight pollution. Everyone can look around and see smog, dirty water, and garbage. Try something new- find a way to reduce your contribution to pollution and discover a way to help clean up your community. Encourage efforts to extend these efforts abroad. Use and preserve the 12 Habits as aids to help fight against pollution.

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